Community Playground

During Daylight hours, we have a new playgroup and picnic area that is open to the public. Come down and spend some time connecting with other families in our community.

Community Garden

We have recently begun a community gardening project which grows produce for some of our ministry projects, and outreach into the community. It is a great way to connect with others passionate about gardening and the environment.

The Corner Shop

Our Corner Shop exists to offer affordable clothing and household items to the local community. It is open 9.30am-3.00pm Mon-Fri.

Venue Hire

Our Church and Hall are available to be hired for single events or as part of an ongoing partnership. If you wish to inquire, please complete the form below.

UCare Gawler

UCare provides emergency material aide to those living in the Town of Gawler and those communities located further north. We also provide a variety of advocacy and support services, including microfinance and financial counselling.

Head to the UCare Gawler website here.


Many couples choose to use our beautiful heritage building for weddings. If you wish to inquire about hiring our facilities please contact the church office by email.


What is baptism all about?

Baptism is a very important event in the life of a Christian. It is a public announcement that the person being baptised is a follower of Jesus and he or she is going to walk with God in their daily life. It is a great time of celebration. Baptism is what we call a ‘sacrament’. Our church has two sacraments – baptism and Holy communion.

Baptising/dedicating infants and young children

The Gawler Uniting church baptise, dedicate or give thanks for babies depending on the parents’ preference. When we baptise babies in the Uniting Church we believe this places a person ‘under’ the baptism and part of the family. This is made complete when the person responds in personal faith publicly at a later stage of life (coming ‘up’ out of the baptism). Some do this through re-affirmation of their baptism (fully immersed in water) and others do this by confession and confirmation of their faith (no water). At the Gawler Uniting Church either is fine, the important thing is to understand and accept what baptism means.

The baptism of a baby is a special time, which involves a declaration of faith in Jesus Christ by both parents, as a commitment to bringing the child up in the Christian Faith. Infant Baptism is also only significant in the context of community, as it requires the congregation to commit to supporting the family in nurturing the child’s faith as they grow. Because of this, infant baptisms are generally done after a family’s commitment to Gawler Uniting as their home church, rather than as one-off service. This can be discussed with the Pastor, to explore your wishes.

Thanksgiving and Blessing of a Child

Whilst baptism is a wonderful celebration, it is also a very significant part of a person’s Christian faith. If you do not have a Christian faith, but would still like to give thanks to God for your child without making a declaration of faith, this can be done either during a Sunday Worship Service, or at another time, such as a 1st Birthday at the home. The Pastor can attend and offer a short service of thanksgiving and a blessing upon the child. This can be a simpler option, particularly if gathering all the family on a Sunday is difficult.